Ink on Canson paper. 2012

Ink on Canson paper.

I am Ashley, a young artist from a small Ohio town (though I prefer living somewhere within the depths of my own imagination). I am a realistic drawer by nature, but I prefer trying new things rather than sticking to what is comfortable. My interests currently lie in illustration and fashion design, with hopes to someday own my own business. With a deep interest in psychology, art therapy is also in my realm of possibility.

I was awarded the title Drawer of the Year as a freshman, Advanced Artist of the Year as a sophomore, and Senior Portfolio Artist of the Year as a junior. My work has won regional awards at the 2013 Ohio Governor’s Show as well as first prize and best in show awards at the Seneca County Fair.

My work reflects my life on both physical and intellectual levels, not only to convey beauty but also to deliver a message. Psychology and philosophy have contributed both verbally and non-verbally to my work. I believe in the beauty of words and often I write, but rarely to explain my artwork. I like to let that speak for itself.